Monica Förster designs a new series of exclusive fixed décor products for Habo Selection

During the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020, Habo Selection will showcase the results of a creative year in which the company has continued to develop its range of exclusive fixed décor products together with the successful and internationally renowned designers Monica Förster and Thomas Sandell.

Habo Selection designs integral parts and details for modern architecture. The aim is for the products to give a clean and lasting touch to rooms, homes and buildings. Habo Selection’s design is inspired by Scandinavian classics with a minimalistic and timeless yet sophisticated and modern expression. The products are made of genuine materials with quality and weight. A new series is being launched for 2020 in collaboration with the designer Monica Förster, as well as new material choices in the existing TS series designed by the architect and industrial designer Thomas Sandell.

The starting point for the collaboration between Habo Selection and Monica Förster was the production of a series of fixed décor products that are beautiful as well as versatile, aesthetic and functional. The result was MF, an exclusive series of knobs and hooks with an elegant and sophisticated look that encourages creativity and playfulness in the way they are used. The products can be used as fittings on kitchen drawers and cabinet doors or mounted on a wall, singly or in groups, to provide both function and decoration.

“The idea behind the collection, and what I think makes the products interesting, is the way they work together,” explains Monica. “I hope people will see the possibilities of combining the series’ knobs and hooks of different materials and sizes for a personal décor. There’s really no wrong way here,” says Monica Förster.


The MF series by Monica Förster is made of recycled brass and comes in two different finishes: polished brass and black powder-coated brass. The series is also available in three different sizes. The choice of material is in line with Habo Selection’s strategy of a sustainable product cycle that maximises the life of the materials. Habo believes that reusing brass from products that would otherwise go to the dump is an effective measure to reduce energy use and climate impact.

As well as the new MF series, Habo Selection is extending its existing TS series with new material choices. TS is Habo Selection’s first collection and was designed by Thomas Sandell. The aim is to create a long-lasting design that can stand the test of time. The series consists of interior and exterior door handles, hooks and knobs. The TS family now presents a new addition with new materials for interior and exterior door handles and knobs in two new finishes: blasted brass and blasted chrome.

TS1 doorhandle_brass.jpg TS1 doorhandle_chrome.jpg

About the designers

Monica Förster is one of Sweden’s most qualified and award-winning designers. Monica Förster has run the design agency Monica Förster Design Studio since 2011. Over the years, she has worked with the world’s leading manufacturers and designed everything from furniture to fixed décor products.

Thomas Sandell is one of Sweden’s most prominent architects and industrial designers. Thomas Sandell has run the architect and design office Sandellsandberg since 1995, together with about 50 staff, and during his career he has designed everything from city plans to well-known buildings and products.

Habo Selection

We design details that are integral parts of modern architecture. We offer a minimalistic yet sophisticated expression for the timeless contemporary statement, inspired by Scandinavian classics. As a result, our products are made of genuine materials that provide a firm, solid feel and come with sleek lines and few components for a clean look.


Habo is the company from the town that shares the same name. We started as a forging workshop back in 1921 and have developed into one of the leading companies within functional fittings and fixed interior accessories in Scandinavia.

Habo’s main range includes over 5000 products to make the home nice and functional. The majority are products of our own brand Habo. Our production started back in 1921, which means that there is great knowledge and experience within the company. Today, there are sales companies in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland with unique competence in their respective markets. Habo supplies a local range for each market tailored to colour, design, tradition, standards and dimensions. This makes Habo Gruppen a leading supplier of fittings in the Nordic countries. Habo’s products are sold in the building trade, hardware shops and hypermarkets. Habo Gruppen also supplies industry and wholesalers with fittings.

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