Habo Group AB acquire Pisla Oy in Finland

Habo Group AB has acquired all shares in Pisla Oy and Demerx AB. All companies that previously belonged to Pisla Group Oy.

-We are very pleased to welcome Pisla, says Fredrick Sylva CEO, Habo Group AB. Pisla has a very strong position in Finland and the Baltic region. The company has successfully expanded through acquisitions during recent years. The acquisition strengthens the Habo Group AB position in the Nordic and the Baltic market. This is a strategically important acquisition for the future expansion of the Habo Group AB.

Pisla Oy is based in Viitasaari in Finland and has since 1976, developed and manufactured fittings mainly under its own brand, towards the building & hardware retail and home interior stores. The company turnover in 2019 was about 24MEuro. Included in the Pisla Group OY are Opa and Muurikka brands (offers kitchenware and cooking products for outdoor use) and Demerx AB (fittings and bathroom accessories).

-The acquisition result in access to two interesting and leading brands, which will strengthen and complement our existing offer in the Nordic market, says Fredrick Sylva.

- We are proud of what we have achieved with Pisla and are very pleased to have found a long-term and professional industrial owner, who wants to develop the company further, says Pekka Kuivalainen CEO, Pisla Group Oy.

Pekka Kuivalainen and the management team will continue to operate the Pisla companies and its brands Pisla, Opa Muurikka and Demerx.

The acquisition takes effect on Sep 1st  


For further information please contact:

Fredrick Sylva, CEO Habo Gruppen AB,       +46 70 558 46 23, fredrick.sylva@habo.com
Pekka Kuivalainen, CEO Pisla Group Oy,      +358 40 094 2367, Pekka.Kuivalainen@pisla.fi                                            
Henrik Lindroth, MD OY Habo Finland AB,  +358 40 561 8068,

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